So the question then becomes, was Abelard Reuchlin, author of the book, “The True Authorship of the New Testament” () one of the. the Abelard Reuchlin Foundation, P.O. Box , Kent WA Reuchlin, Abelard. The True Authorship of the New Testament. Bibliography: 1. Rome. *Who created the name and concept of Satan? * The concept of an evil force in the universe separate from God is foreign to the Jewish religion. It is clearly.

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Many years back when I used to pick up copies of The Humanist for entertainment, I recall seeing a small advertisement among the back-matter ads that claimed to provide undeniable, irrefutable proof that Josephus had authored the NT. The offerer was the “Abelard Reuchlin Foundation.

It would be an overstatement to say that no one takes this group — whose overall thesis is that the NT was authored by members of an aristocratic Roman family to keep slaves under control and submissive — seriously. In fact I can find only one writer who has even bothered to address their claims in any detail, and that ironically enough was racist Christ-myther Revilo P.

All Oliver did was address a couple of technical claims they made apparently their thesis ignores that aelard Romans used very few of what we would call “first names” ; as for the rest, he didn’t consider it worth his time. What few other challenges to these ideas I abelsrd found have been to merely describe abelaard theory in one word or less as nonsense.

I also found a message board, with a message from a member of a Classics Department at Calvin College, ableard said that he had not looked at the Piso site on angelfire.

That’s about as seriously as the scholars seem to take it. Skeptics of a more rational bent may also find this analysis by a Skeptic interesting.

Well, that’s enough generality. Shall we back that up with particulars? Here are thematic statements from one favoring site:. That’s actually enough for most people to dismiss these theorists out of hand, but for completeness we’d like to put together a miscellany of claims from this group and check them out. The following claims are derived from various websites supporting this theory.

Let’s start with a foundational claim ahelard these folks: The reychlin of the Piso family who started it all was Arrius Calpurnius Piso. In fact, both Zela religious center of Pontus and Jerusalem were the abelare of temples that were destroyed: From here is is noted that this “Arrius” is none other than Flavius Josephus himself, and it goes from there. But let’s pause for a moment, shall we? It seems rather curious that a Net search of the name “Arrius Calpurnius Piso” turns up nothing but websites that promote or support this theory.

The name turns up nowhere on any site dedicated to Roman history, Latin studies, or anywhere having to do with serious scholarship. This is fairly telling, because the abelrad of this fellow seems to be a root for many facets of this theory:.

Another promoting site says, ” Vitellius took control over the empire as emperor. He was killed soon afterwards, by Arrius Calpurnius Piso.

Not according to Suetonius, who in The Twelve Caesars records that Vitellius was killed by a group of soldiers who performed various atrocities on him before throwing his body in the Tiber.

No “Arrius” makes as much as a bow. This “Arrius” abelsrd also said to have to have headed Roman forces, and along with Titus, “layed seige upon the Reucjlin in Jerusalem in the year 70 C. We’d like the reader to note that there is no cite or source given for this information, which is apparently typical for this consortium.


People are invented from this Piso family based on no more than a whim and perhaps a presumption of an embedded code in the NT and other documents.

Roman Piso

To put it simply, there is no evidence outside the theory that “Arrius Piso” actually existed. There’s quite the confusion here, since Masada was a last stand for the Jews in 73 AD, not in the time abeoard Hadrian, and the “Diaspora” refers to Jews scattered among the nations even long before 70 AD.

Not that it matters, because this “Julius” seems to be another invention of the theory. There was indeed a “Julius Piso” who was mentioned in a letter of Pliny but he had nothing to do with the Jewish War.

We are told that this Julius also wrote the book of Revelation. Like Arrius, though, he is a phantom. Also part of this package: His wife, Calpurnia, was a Piso! He had married her to cement an alliance with Pontus. When he went reucylin the bed avelard Cleopatra to Pontus in 47 he betrayed reucchlin alliance. It was perceived by the Pisos as the act of a traitor, and they swore their revenge.

Three years later, in 44 BCE, on the 15th day of the 3rd month, Julius Caesar was stabbed 23 times by conspirators who included Piso family members. The assassination of Julius Caesar is full of clues. Make note of the fact that the number 4 is IV in Roman numerals. Thus the number 44 can be seen to be contained in his very name. In case you’re wondering how this was arranged: Apparently any number is fair game here; and any reuchlkn it can be associated is fair game as well.

Julius Caesar is a real important person for this thesis; here’s another example. Noting his famous “Veni vidi vici” phrase, they write:. That’s the answer when the data reuchlkn cooperate: It was actually a “very clever” way of hiding things from people not in on the joke. You can also rearrange all the pieces, but wouldn’t three V’s make two triangles plus one line, without the Is?

Abelard Reuchlin’s “True Authorship of the New Testament” (excerpts)

That makes three total. Elsewhere it is said:. And it took place over three years? More more undocumented creativity follows:. You won’t find any documentation of such a phrase used by Romans, but we wonder whether the priests of Dionysus would have caught on. Yes, and “Piso” is like “pistis” or the faith we are to have in Jesus. Isn’t it useful how the Greek and Latin languages evolved so conveniently for this scheme?

Some other ideas by this thesis: Emperor Trajan wrote as Plutarch; Pliny wrote the Pastoral letters and actually died in a battle against the Jews in AD, fighting under a different name ; a son of Arrius Josephus wrote the Gospel of John and wrote as Justin Martyr. But wait, there’s more:. Not a shred of documentation if offered for any of these claims, and if you wonder whether they care that Pontius not Pontus Pilate is regarded as a real person by Tacitus, we should note that Tacitus was thought to be in on this conspiracy as well.

The English language is in on the conspiracy, too The problem here is that the KJV translates a few different words as “fool” nabalcakal’eviylkeciyl to name four in the Hebrew, and aphron and moros to name two in the Greek.


But maybe the KJV translators were Pisos also? In fact, we’ll see something like this suggested geuchlin the lead theorist below. We have been advised that “curious” comes from a word curiosuswhich means “conscientious” and has no linguistic derivation from the Greek “kurios”.

The proper title is actually “The Jewish War,” and there are 7 books that have a chapter 8 in them. Not one describes anything “similar” well – similar to what? Solomon had hundreds of foreign wives — how do we conclude this descent?

You will be relieved to know as well, “In the N. However, the former “fool” is a moros and the latter and 1 Cor. These folks also claim all manner of sexual jokes behind the NT text; for example, “that which thou sowest is not quickened, except it die” is said to have sexual innuendos.

Likewise, such phrases as “he arose, took up his bed and went” Mark 2: Acts, reuculin are told, was written to advertise locations of Abelarc brothels. I’ll just let you think about all of that. One of their sources for this sort of thinking is one James Hannay — a British chemist of the 19th century known for an experiment in which he abeladr produced minute quantities of diamond. In other words, this is someone who as had no business drawing the conclusions he did.

It is interesting to note that “Abelard” was a saint supposedly castrated for his tendency to lasciviousness. A reader wrote to one of these folks and got some interesting information. As we have noted in other articles, Christianity was a social movement top-heavy by proportion with members of the middle and upper class, and less heavy than would be expected with the lower class and slaves; we have also noted numerous social factors that made Christianity unpopular with Rome.

The Piso Family thesis has an answer for this: After all, didn’t they “throw the Christians to the lions” in the Coliseum? The last thing the Roman rulers wanted was for the slaves to catch on to the fact that the Romans wrote the New Testament. If they had said “Here, slaves, is a religion made just for you, and we endorse it.

And our reader was told of “The facade of Roman dislike of Christianity”:. This latter “facade” is especially in opposition to what we know about ancient social networks and ideas of collectivist “in-groups” — see link above.

The conspiracy, obviously, is quite vast. I think it enough to state that all of this is merely assumed for the sake of the theory, not shown by evidence. But don’t dare tell them that. Our reader sent us a record of a conversation between a somewhat more rational atheist and the lead theorist in the Piso camp.

Now we cannot vouch for the accuracy of this person’s statements, but we do wish to note the leader’s answer:. Do you get that? This is a work of conspiratorial genius. And if you disagree? The leader has the answer:. I think this all speaks for itself in terms of illustory suppositions of grandeur. One final word from the lead theorist:.