The Two Pearls of Wisdom is a fantasy novel by Alison Goodman. It follows the story of Eon who has potential to become a Dragoneye, being It was rereleased under the two different titles of Eon: Dragoneye Reborn and Eon: Rise of. The Paperback of the Eon: Dragoneye Reborn (Eon Duology Series #1) by Alison Goodman at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or. Alison Goodman is the author of The Two Pearls of Wisdom (HarperCollins also published in the USA as Eon:Dragoneye Reborn (Penguin US) and in the UK.

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I found the world building dense, the plot complicated, and, quite frankly, I was bored.

Alison Goodman Eona

I have to admit, at first I wasn’t too impressed by the pacing of this novel. She let both her Master and Ido and Kygo control her, treat her like nothing.

But the true jewel in this novel is Eon’s conflict to embrace herself. Also, the power-struggle was well-developed and made a lot of sense though there is a counterpoint to this one too. I found power in accepting the truth of who I am. He knows his chances of success are slim after being crippled, but it’s much more than that.

Give it a try soon! It’s definitely a high fantasy novel with a lot of world building. His will was mine. There is an absolutely fantastic transgender character as well as the main character and another minor character are physically disabled.

It makes sense within the context of the book, since Eona never really get to become too close to anyone, for fear of revealing who she is. At first, the story is reminiscent of Alanna: Eon Wt Author s: Alkson was really struggling between 1 and 2 stars for this one so I’m compromising with 1.


For years, year-old Eon has been training to be a Dragoneye apprentice, a coveted position in which the student serves as the conduit between energy dragons and the human world.

And don’t let me forget to mention the gender-bender twists in this book. I didn’t really watch soap operas only when I was very sick and could do nothing more than lie in bed and watch daytime tvbut I and apparently many others found this plot device revolting. No plot holes here. This book explores the balance and interchange of the masculine and feminine; teborn competition between compassion and ruthlessness.

Mar 30, carol. Dec 27, Liz rated it liked it Shelves: Absolutely no one should desire you. I found myself skipping large paragraphs of detail that I had no desire to read, as I was more interested in moving the story along than having a very long winded description of their location. What defines the essence of woman and what defines the essence of man? Eona suspects Lord Ido dragonsye realises he has masterminded his own plan, killing all other Dragoneyes and apprentices in a bid for more power.

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She panics, without knowledge as for who to trust except her close friend Lady Dela born a man but who is a woman in spirit and Foodman bodyguard, the islander Ryko. The main character is a girl pretending to be a boy so there is a lot of information about gender roles but I was not sure that it was very important in the long run.

This page was last edited on 26 Juneat If you’re looking for another book with dragons after reading Seraphina or you want another young adult fantasy that takes place in an Asian setting like Cinderdefinitely check this book out; Eon isn’t perfect, but it’s certainly a fun ride.


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Alison Goodman: author of Eon: Dragoneye Reborn and The Two Pearls of Wisdom

Eon a is a year old girl who pretends to be a year old boy in order to have a chance of becoming a Dragoneye – an apprentice to one of the 12 dragons.

Open Preview See a Problem? The way your protagonist deals with the conflict should show some sign to the reader that he or she is interesting enough to want to follow through a whole novel. View all 41 comments.

Get to Know Us. Dragoneye Reborn and Eon: There was a plot to overthrow the emperor and only thin lines of rank and respect stopped evil lords from whipping out their swords and killing everyone. Sucks to be you! Info dumping is tedious to read, distances the reader from the action, and in most cases the majority of it is not absorbed because there are too goldman details in one dense lump.

The writing dragoneyf very well done, doing an excellent portrayal of ancient Asian culture and society in this novel, creating amazing characters, and handling magic, mystery, romance, and self-discovery all deftly in this duology.

Creative storyline and a strong heroine. Eon has a deformity of the hips and no one believes that such a luckless boy would ever be chosen for this slison prestigious honor. Most of the time I don’t try.

The world Eona lives in is described quite vividly.