I am sending in my laptop for RMA. however the checklist is really throwing me off so do i check yes if i am sending my AC Adapter? or is that. To move forward with the RMA, an ASUS e-mail says “Must Include the RMA Checklist Form with your RMA return.” but fails to attach such a. Upload a PDF or design from scratch flyers, magazines, books and more. Author: ydavidson, Catalog: Asus RMA CheckList, Published: Oct

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ASUS was made aware of this article on August 29th, due to the legal disclaimer they use with all customer support e-mails. If yes, please describe.

ASUS Video Card RMA Experience and Turnaround Time in – Legit Reviews

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Out of warranty e-mail notification: UK – Horrible, Asus contracts 3rd party repair companies who does not seem to care. Please be sure to pack your notebook checklsit. You most likely won’t be needing chec,list AC adapter and battery, so you might as well mail it to Asus along with your notebook just in case Asus finds something wrong with those accessories. A few helpful tips when completing the request for an Instant RMA: Nice work David, helpful as usual. Please back up before sending unit in for service.

However, not everything can always go smoothly. Germany – Rm good, according to forum member Turbogear. Asus Hungary feedback provided by DRevan. Best Regards, Asus Computer International.

Asus RMA and Warranty Guide | NotebookReview

In cases where the replacement part is out of stock, Asus will need to order the part from Taiwan. The card was tested later that day and found to be in proper working order, so case closed. Since this was for a gaming system and not a mining system that seemed more than fair enough. RMA turnaround times were in the time frame of days.


Different ASUS product lines return may have a different repair center location. Any physical damage to the interior hardware components are deemed out-of-warranty, regardless of any existing warranty on your notebook. Minor quality check issues did occur, but nothing that couldn’t be easily fixed yourself. Often times, checklisy “repaired” notebook is sent back with even more problems.

Last edited by a moderator: Please be sure to read the documents thoroughly for important information prior to returning your ASUS product to our repair center. It’s normal here, that laptop will stay in service center for 4 weeks. There is no way to predict when the out-of-stock part will become available again and your best option is to continue calling Asus every few days to check on the status. A “void if removed” warranty sticker is also inspected and if technicians find the seal broken, this will also automatically void any existing manufacture warranty.

For your reference,the RMA number is. We also put the RMA number on the shipping label an on the shipping box with a permanent pen. Having to go through a “middleman” undoubtedly lengthens the repair process. Turnaround time was as promised for notebooks checcklist the other repair company servicing EeePCs seem to have under-qualified technicians servicing the Asus netbooks.

Share This Page Tweet. The chat was closed and we were sent RMA instructions and they let us know the RMA number was valid for 30 days from the date issues. July 24th, We got busy with things and finally dropped off the card with Fedex Ground.


Here we had a legit video card wsus died a natural death! Instead, you will have to drop your notebook off at their repair center.

As soon as we receive the completed document our technician will replace the part s. We were curious about how long it took to get a replacement card. ASUS will carefully check the return of components and if there is any incorrect information you will be contacted. Tim4May 31, Please note that it is your responsibility to ship the notebook to us in good condition.

Important Information

Please allow up to 48 hours for it to be sent out. Please back up all data from your hard drive. Your name or email address: Scenario Please Select Scenario. DavidMay 31, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Please only click the submit button once.

Kazakhstan – Bad turnaround times, according to forum member Tim4. Thank you for choosing ASUS!

Discussion fhecklist ‘ Asus ‘ started by DavidMay 31, Please find the attached credit card authorization form. ASUS provides free shipping for our customers. Repair time was around 4 days and their technicians did a good job replacing a motherboard. You may only request for one ASUS product at a time.