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Find fields and stores Zipcode. User Name Remember Me? What is it like to win World Cup? Exclusive Houston Heat video! New exclusive PbNation documentary: Do Better – starring ac: PbNation needs your help updating the Fields and Stores Listing. Hello, i went paintballing for my first time in over 5 years a few weekends back and loved it. I decided to get back into it and i picked up a lightly used bt tm-7 from a private seller.

Gun worked absolutely perfect as far as i could tell. The first time i went to a field to use it last night, and vt had fired the gun that morning with no issues i set it all up and went to chrono it and it wouldnt fire. The light was flashing green tj7 at normal speed with a red flash in between ocasionally with no balls in the eyes. I tore it apart right there went through my knowledge of the gun so far from what ive read and couldnt figure it out.

Any help from you guys would be extremely appreciated! Thank you very much for reading. Last edited by 47zap I would take it to the local gun tech, I’ll try to look more into it. Have you replaced your battery? For the most part that’s really the only thing that can go wrong in a couple of hours like that. Plus it’s the easiest thing to rule out.


Bt-tm7 not firing? Any info appreciated

I can’t tell you how many eye and solenoid issues I’ve had all because of bad battery. Heres what I found so far: Just contact BT, and see if they can just have you ship them your gun, and have them replace it. Originally Posted by todamax I have tried changing the battery but it wasnt that. Ive been wondijg if its the so. Originally Posted by Sirriko. Double Barrel Mechanical Ion. The tm7 has 4 set screws in the trigger itself, I believe the previous owner had it set for vt shortest trigger pull possible or too far perhaps.

Either way, you can control where the triggers stops and you can control when the marker is cycled with those screws plus 2 more relevant settings. If the settings don’t intersect, the gun won’t fire.

Janual is a manual online that shows the screws location and what they control. Play with them I bit. I’ve had the problem too and for some reason they worked when I put the marker away and when I got it back out, it didn’t. I know my explanation is clear as mud, but good luck. Will the marker dry fire with eyes off?

If it does then you can rule out a lot. Like p8ntballr mentioned, if the trigger isn’t working, you won’t be able to turn the eyes off. However, I don’t think you need to vt about the safety switch. If it wasn’t assembled properly, if would be most likely stuck in one mode.

So either would be stuck in safety, turn on but light up red; or it would be stuck in firing mode and just not turn on. It still wouldn’t hurt to check, but you problem probably lies with the screw settings IMO.

Originally Posted by Twaltz Originally Posted by ,anual Thanks very much for looking into this for me! I appreciate it very much, im so lost with it because it just stopped working on me. I shoot a mini which shares much of the tech of the tm I agree with the tj7 two about the trigger adjustment.


On the mini the light will always do something when the trigger activates, even if it’s not actually firing the marker. Also, check the manual but I don’t believe you’re ever supposed to set the pressure above psi on that marker or you risk damaging the internals.

BT TM7 Manual – PB Marker Manuals

bg He’s right never operate one above that can lead to internal issues. The first time I took my tm7 apart with the same issue after running full auto all day. I replaced it with the upgraded solenoid and re soldered the connection points for the 9 volt since it broke during disassembly. Let me know if you need a diagram or anything and I can scan mine and email it to you.

Any info appreciated Go to Page Any info appreciated Hello, i went paintballing fm7 my first time in over 5 years a few weekends back and loved it. Find More Posts by 47zap Great White North Feedback: Would you like a donut?

Find More Posts by Sirriko. Find More Posts by todamax Originally Posted by todamax Have you replaced your battery?

Paintball Gun Service Manuals

Originally Posted by Sirriko Heres what I found so far: Oregon City, Or Feedback: Find More Posts by Twaltz Find More Posts by p8ntballr Again, the trigger screws Like p8ntballr mentioned, if the trigger isn’t working, you won’t be able tm77 turn the eyes off. Originally Posted by Twaltz Like p8ntballr mentioned, if the trigger isn’t working, you won’t be able to turn the eyes off.

Originally Posted by 47zap47 Thanks very much for looking into this for me! Find More Posts by theCronicles. Manuxl More Posts by Kepope