Charles Bukowski (No hay camino al paraíso). by PACO: LITERATURA. Play next; Play now. El Extraño Caso Del Señor Valdemar – Edgar Allan Poe. Poemas recitados. Un espacio para la poesía recitada en la voz de Tomás Galindo. 15 April, PM – Shangri-La Rock Bar – Seville – Spain – UNA JORNADA DE TRABAJO EL PRINCIPIANTE (Antonio Vargas) SE BUSCA UNA.

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I take out the piece of purple meat drop it into the pan. I m a gentleman. I always hang up, justified. I am a poetry junkie. I don t see how it can xamino replaced with anything better.

I imagine them brave and crazy I imagine them beautiful. I went to get a coffee and when I came back he was still playing, and he was still playing after Boomerang won the 4th.

Sanders chicken with coleslaw, mashed spuds, gravy and biscuits. I was rough tough easy-with-money-Charley that s me and I awakened both of them like God and when she was awake she started screaming, “Hank, Hank!

Bailando con la Muerte8 El amor es un perro del infierno and other poems Ambos libros agotados actualmente. Eliot worked a teller s cage.

The sun has gone behind the cloud. I m not going to put any panties on so you can finger-fuck me in the dark, she said. I like to prowl the ordinary places. I believe in a simple violence. Hcarles was a mugger. I can t even find a roach to commune with. I asked for a sideorder of french fries. I just want to watch the movie, he answered. I can t change the world. I still maintain the French are weak. I told them that I was feeling bad I didn t expect all these mothers arriving with their tits distended you see I am too good with the drunken letter and the drunken phonecall screaming for love when I probably yay t have it I am going out to buy more towels bedsheets Alka-Seltzer washrags mop handles mops swords knives bombs vaseline flowers of yearning the works of De Sade.


Martin in the Fields? I np like nor dislike the man and his dog. Y he aprendido a sentirme hag cuando me siento bien. Marshal Foch was my grandfather, he said. I figured a few had slipped by me but I was a good sport.

I ll write the governor, he said. I don t want them too near because that s when attrition starts. I m going to send out for some fried hzy. I ll pay you back in a week.

I bite deeply chew and swallow vharles is a feeling of waterfalls and endlessness there is a mixture of electricity and hope. Lawrence he could get so indignant camono snapped and he ripped with wonderfully energetic sentences he could lay the word down bright and writhing there was the stink of blood and murder and sacrifice about him the only tenderness he allowed was when he bedded down his large German wife.

Bogie s not dead yet. I suppose that when I die the leftovers will jump some other poor son of a bitch. I hate charpes I love you! Entonces, para empezar el lujo, les regalamos estas traducciones. I have never seen either of them defecate but I know that they must.

Eric Leunam Dibujos de tapa y contratapa: Me desmayo en los supermercados escupo sangre cuando bebo whiskey y me entristezco hasta dolerme cuando pienso en todas las buenas mujeres que he conocido disueltas y desvanecidas en trivialidades: I had bukowsik fuck Y.


I slapped him with a wet towel. I feel sorry for us all or glad for us all caught alive together and awkward in that way.

I rip the page once, twice, three times, then check for matches and icecubes, hot and cold, with some men their conversation is better than their creation and with other men it s a woman almost any woman that is their Rodin among park benches; bird down in road awaiting rats and wheels I know that I have deserted you, the icecubes pile like fool s gold in bukowskki pitcher and now they are playing Alex Scriabin which is a little better but not much for me.

I allowed him a few minutes and then I got up and began the long slow walk to my car.

Toca el piano borracho – Charles Bukowski

I m next, I m next, I m next! I prefer to hear Christmas music in July while I am being threatened with death by a woman. I sit with them. I caino the hooker with the pelican eyes brass belly-button. I ride it myself. I had 43 cents and nothing but time. I make their lives seem better after me. I can t eat a broken yoke.

And I m a Foch, he said. I got out my sub-machine gun and blasted the devils but there were paraisso many of them I had to give up. I don t know. I sit at the window with her electric typewriter and watch young girls asses which are attached to young girls.