The GY gyro by Futaba is perhaps the most popular RC helicopter gyro ever. need the manual for the GY, you can grab that here. Manual GY – Robbe Futaba. Manual GY Be the first to rate this product. Recommend · Ask question. Description. Manual GY – Robbe Futaba. CopterX GY Digital Gyro user manual. Thank you for purchasing CopterX GY Gyro! High performance, light weight gyro with AVCS (Angular Vector.

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This will set how fast the helicopter rotates. The helicopter is out of balance. If you are not using a stock tail slider then use the other technique. As mentioned, the GY supported both slower analog tail rotor servo pulse rates manjal can be switched to a Hz high frequency rate for fast tail rotor specific digital servos. Use g4y01 ‘clear’ button to set the values to zero. Proper trim can and should be obtained mechanically by adjusting the tail rotor pushrod.

To select both sides flip the GEAR switch. This is very simple, nothing special here, just connect the rudder servo to the female connector. The rudder input lead for the gyro is plugged into the rudder channel slot in the receiver. Its simple set-up and solid performance characteristics have made it a hands down favorite among many sport helicopter pilots.

The ATV for the gain select channel manuql two sides.

Step by step setup: Back to Main Page. This value may be well below the point of “hunting”, but that is just fine. If not, then flip the reverse switch located on the top of the gyro. Continue with the next step to determine if it’s in the right mode.

For this setup we will not use the built-in gyro function. As you can see in the picture to the left, I mounted it with the cords coming out toward the back of the helicopter. If you didn’t have a programmable computerized radio that you can program in different ATV values for the gain settings, the Futaba GY will not work for you — there are no gain or mode selection options on the gyro case.


The gyro channel reverse setting in the radio can be used if you want the switch in the opposite direction it currently is in just depends on if you want the switch up or down all the time.

Manual GY – Robbe Futaba

Check and double-check this point, because getting it backwards can cause needless excitement on a model’s first flight. Once you are finished you can snap the link on the ball. One direction will set the gain value for heading hold and the other will be for standard rate. Without a doubt, the GY gyro with or servo is one of the best tail rotor stabilization systems produced to date. Lets take a look at yg401 latest “SAFE” inspired version to help you decide if it’s worth adding to the….

Now that you’re done with that, you need to flip the Mabual switch back to heading hold mode.

My RC Helicopter eBooks are here to help you with those exact problems. If the servo moves to one direction but does not move back to center then you are in heading hold mode which is right.

Team Futaba Tip #2

Do not disturb the trim in the radio. I leave mine in HH all the time. Ask 5 RC helicopter enthusiasts what the best solid state heading lock gyro was when they first came out, and 4 of them will likely say the GY Yes, the tape that comes with the gyro is not very cushiony, but fy401 the way it needs to be.

Further adjustments are rarely needed as most pilot fly in ACVS mode all the time. The GY followed the progress and that alone offered some nice value if you didn’t want to have to purchase another gyro for your next bird.

The best position for tail centering is to adjust the rudder link so that you have 4. Move the rudder stick to the right and watch the servo arm. Proper technique for greatest tail rotor servo life should be to run as much gain as needed manuql the most demanding maneuver and no more.

  ISO 9126-3 PDF

The tape works great, use it. This value rarely causes the tail to “hunt” on first hovering flights. If it’s not, turn the link clockwise to move it toward the back or counter clockwise to move it forward.

Manual GY401

The GY worked well in almost every single rotor bird out there from size electrics up to 52cc gas or MW54 powered turbine monsters with rotor diameters approaching 2 meters. I also use a JR Ball link resizing tool to remove unecessary resistance from the ball links. Now that you have the gyro initialized correctly, flip the GEAR switch. It may or may not initialize correctly depending on where the position you have the GEAR switch remember this is now the switch that will control the gyro.

Mount the Gyro on the back plate behind the main shaft. You have to start up this gyro in heading hold mode. The servo needs to rotate clockwise. Once the center of the ball link matches with the center of the ball and you have the 4.

Tail wags only right after a pirouette, or anytime I move the tail then stop. The GY works best with the or servos, period. The tail rotor servo is plugged into the output lead from the gyro.

To get the tail to move faster or slower, adjust the rudder channel travel. Before we continue it helps to understand the characteristics of this gyro. On my gy that came with the servo I have found 84 is what it took. Vibration is the cause of low gain settings. Adjust the guides to acheive the least resistance. This gyro initializes fast, only about manal or 4 seconds.