Prose Edda is called The “Tricking of Gylfi” (or, in Old Norse, Gylfaginning). Since Gylfaginning is very long, only sections about the Sun, Moon, and seasons . Gylfaginning^ conceived in the true antiquarian spirit, supplies the mythological and . that the highly technical nature of Hattatal forbids translation into English. Snorra Edda: Gylfaginning. Gylfaginning · Gylfaginning The English translation chosen for the Prose Edda is by Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur, from a.

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On the high and painted surface Of the hollow shield, still further One may see how the Giant’s Terror Sought the home of Grjotun; The angry son of Jord drove To the play of steel j below him Thundered the moon-way; rage swelled In the heart of Meili’s Brother. No help he found to save him; The Minisher of hill-folk Caused Might to grow within him Even to the roof of heaven, Till the rushing flood should ebb.

His wife is Idunn: What has he to give them for food? One-half of her is blue, and the enblish half is of the hue of flesh; hence she is easily known. Or to the Ettin-race Odr’s maid given. The wolf was fostered by the asas at home, and Tyr was the only one who had the courage to go to him and give him food.

This the writer of lives of kings must bear in mind. Then they went out into the lake called Amsvartner, to the holm rocky island called Lyngve, and called the wolf to go with them. And toward this house went a woman; when she raised her hands and opened the door before her, brightness gleamed from her hands, both over sky and sea, and all the worlds were illumined of her.

The ninth is Var. Thor finding himself unable to open it, and being anxious to get within the burg, they crept between the bars and so came in. It was early in the first days of the gods’ dwelling here, when the gods had established the Midgard and made Valhall; there came at that time a certain wright and offered to build them a citadel in three seasons, so good that it should be staunch and proof against the Hill-Giants and the Rime-Giants, though they should.


Late in the evening he sought out a place for their night quarters under a large oak. He took the ring Draupner and sent it as a keepsake to Odin. Two ravens sit on Ghlfaginning shoulders, and bring to his ears all that they hear and see.

He called himself Skrymer; but, said he, I do not need to ask you what your name is,—I know that you are Asa-Thor. But the Wolf thought that this fetter was very strong; he considered also that strength had in- creased in him since the time he broke Laedingr: The Wolf gaped terribly, and thrashed about and strove to bite them; they thrust into his mouth a certain sword: In the next place, you struck me three times with the hammer.

He asked Hymir what they should have for bait, but Hymir bade him get bait for himself. This contains a long historical introduction, and ends with the story of the Volsungs in SkaldskaparmaL Karl Simrock’s DieJiingereEdday published in 1 and reprinted inalthough incomplete, is more accurate than any earlier translation, and is remarkable for its literary excellence.

Prose Edda/Gylfaginning

He took the largest ox, which engglish called Himinbrjot, twisted his head off and brought it down to the sea-strand. Modsogner was one dwarf and Durin another. Then the woman began to bestir herself, and Thor lost his footing. Are there other remarkable places than the one by Urd’s fountain?

But when Njordr came down from the mountain back to Noatun, he sang this lay: This is why he journeys to Asgard, but on the way he is tricked by the gods and arrives in some other place, where he finds a great palace.

Prose Edda/Gylfaginning – Wikisource, the free online library

First is to be told of Odin, how Frigg and the Val- kyrs went with him, and his ravens ; but Freyr drove in his chariot with the boar called Gold-Mane, or Fearful- Tusk, and Heimdallr rode the horse called Gold-Tpp, and Freyja drove her cats. The cook’s name is Andhrimner, and the kettle is called Eldhrimner, as is here said:. In this was their nature one: They gylfaginninv so fair and beautiful that he called his son Moon, and his daughter, whom he gave in marriage to a man by name Glener, he called Sun.


Nordic Academic Press, Har answered as follows: Norse mythology Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Frey encounters Surt, and heavy blows are exchanged ere Frey falls. Nanna sent Frigg a kerchief and other gifts, and to Fulla she sent a ring.

Nor sand nor sea, nor chilling stream-waves; Earth was not found, nor Ether-Heaven, — A Yawning Gap, but grass was none. It was also a most astonishing feat when you wrestled with Elle, for none has ever been, and none shall ever be, that Elle eld, old age will not get the better of him, though he gets to be old enough to abide her coming.

They saw a great hall and went thither; the door was open; then they went in, and saw there many men on egnlish benches, and most of them were big enough.

Full text of “The Prose Edda”

Thus says the Vala’s Prophecy:. Odin and His Masks. Ganglere then made the following question: Swift fares Sun, almost as if she were afraid, and she could make no more haste in her course if she feared her destroyer. You will not be deemed so great a man here among us gylfaginninh the asas call you, if you do not distinguish yourself more in other feats than you seem to me to have done in this.

Lif and Lifthrasir, and gulfaginning food they shall have the morning-dews. Surt is the name of him who stands on its border guarding it. Somewhat later, Matthew Paris, the great scholar and author, who represented the culture both of England and of France, spent gylfaginnibg months in Nor- way, though not until after Snorri’s death. The most holy gods council held together: Loke swam before the net, but when he saw that he was near the sea he sprang over the top of the net and hastened back to the force.

That I can well explain to you.