HyperEngine-AV file size: MB. This multimedia editor lets you combine video, photos, sounds and text to create slideshows, family movies, business. HyperEngine-AV latest version: A Free Home & hobby program for Mac. HyperEngine-AV is an amazing, free Mac program and has been created by Arboretum. The full palette of QuickTime effects is available. HyperEngine-AV comes with twelve studio-quality effects from Arboretum’s Hyperprism suite of.

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By kjskilletNovember 22, in Reviews. This thread is intended to be my review of this software. I plan on reviewing it as I go along with this project. I don’t really plan on comparing HyperEngine-AV to any other program. This will totally slow down the review process and affect my natural opinion of how this program does things. The only experience that I have maual HyperEngine-AV so far is basically a quick import and export test to make sure this hypereengine will work for me.

I have hardly read anything about this app. And I have not read any manuals at all. So lets see if HyperEngine-AV is intuitive.

If you are like me and have a project that you have to get done. And you don’t have time to wait for my thoughts about this product. First off I tried to use the Movie Capture feature and it didn’t work. Adding the soundtrack was simple. I just dragged the file to the stage from the Finder. Which brings to mind that there are no Bins. Thats fine, I will just use a Finder window and manage all my assets there.

I plan on remaining positive about everything. From the look of things the interface is different so procedures may also be different. You simply drag your clips from the Finder to the stage, butt the clips together and your on your way.

One of the features that I really like is the open stage. In other words there are no rows that you would move a clip into. You make your own. So it is very easy to keep your clip sequences organized. Now lets say you have a clip that is too long. Simply drag your cursor over the clip to make a selection. You then have the option to cut or crop for example. Another thing that I really like about HyperEngine-AV is that when you drag a clip onto the stage it seems to make a reference movie.

This is faster than making a full copy of the clip you are importing.

HyperEngine-AV 1.5

Creating a basic transition like a dissolve mix between two cuts was extremely efficient. Simply overlap your clips and you have an instant dissolve. And there was no rendering you can htperengine see the results. My system can’t playback these transition smoothly but I bet this won’t be a problem for systems that are faster than mine.


I started to use it and then I bailed when the app seemed to be creating another clip or something. Basically the process was taking more than a few seconds and I did not like that. So I basically recorded black with my camera caped and iris closed and used that for now. Some of my shots will change so I don’t want to waste time creating hyerengine fade transition for nothing. I miss having a slice tool. My audio track is much longer than the 1: I had to click on a portion of the track and then shift click somewhere else to select and delete the unwanted portion of the sound track.

This brings to mind that some high end features are not available. Playback performance was not bad considering my system is aav a MHz G4.

Which also means every time that I have to wait a few seconds for processing, newer systems should provide instant results. I exported a draft of my project and it looked a bit soft compared to the original DV stream.

Markers were really easy to figure out. All you have to do to add a marker is click on the time line and drag down. And you get rid of markers the same way. I am currently trying to key some type and video. My next installment will talk about how effects and keying work in HyperEngine-AV. Eventually I will review the audio ac. Just noticed something cool. There is project navigation window called the “Overview” window.

What is so cool is that you can grab the corner of your locator box and drag it to make the box bigger or smaller. The result is that your stage reflects the size and location of the locator box. And it looks like you can save various views as presets. There is a feature called split.

HyperEngine-AV for Mac – Download

I am learning more as I use the program. Turns out you can scrub the audio. While playing grab the timeline and hold down the CMD key. There is a “Text Clip” feature that is only really useful for making a slate. I really don’t want to spend much time talking about it. If you need to get some kind of text on the screen and you don’t really care how it looks than this tool should work fine for you.

That is if you can get it to work. I am finding that this tool is very inconsistent. Sometimes the text will not show up at all in the Viewer window. I was not able to apply a transition of any kind to the the text. This means that text will just pop on abruptly. If it is possible I have not figured it out yet. HyperEngine-AV doesn’t seem to recognize quicktime files with an alpha channel. And images with an alpha channel didn’t work.


What is possible is this. This can get you by if you don’t have time for other solutions. But the results of using the Compositing Transition did not really look good.

Remove Mac Apps

Not to mention that you can only use one transition at a time. This may not be the forum to give you details but I will tell you that it is possible if HyperEngine-AV is your only video editing tool. Now your image editing program has to be able so save a PNG file with transparency. Because we are talking about free software.

Hyeprengine want to determine if HyperEngine is total junk and should be avoided. Or if HyperEngine is good enough to get basic jobs done.

Especially content destined for the web. So if you are still using SD camcorders and you can’t afford to hyperengiine your edit software right now. You might be interested in HyperEngine-AV. This means that I can record 8 tracks simultaneously. You can also record multiple takes in one sitting.

You finish hyperenglne a take by pressing the stop button. There is a check box that is set to automatically keep the take you just recorded. If you don’t want to keep it simply uncheck the box.

When your done recording all of your takes will show up on the stage. All of your takes from your recording session are accessible. You can listen to them and review their duration information. Every audio clip can be routed to its own output fader.

There are 64 stereo fader pairs and 64 mono faders. This means that each clip can have it’s own level. It seems that automation is not available. But maybe upgrade plugins will activate automation features if they exist. Basically automation will let you record your level adjustments in realtime as the playhead goes across the clip.

It doesn’t seem like it at first cuz the effects menu shows you everything that would be available when you buy the plugin. I can’t live without the effects that come with the plugin. And this is how they entice you to spend money. HPE-AV offers a different way of adjusting effects.