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Comparison between the methods 1 goniometry2 Corel Draw photogrammetry and 3 ALCimagem photogrammetry in angle 2 flexion of mnaual proximal interphalangeal of the second finger for group 3 hand therapists. Meaning the consistency of the measurements performed under the same conditions at two or more, in this case, three different times.

All the authors declare that there is no potential conflict of interest referring to this article.

Goniometry and photogrammetry are reliable and reproducible methods for evaluating measurements of the hand. Unravelling the complexity of muscle impairment in chronic neck pain.

Analysis of the reliability and reproducibility of goniometry compared to hand photogrammetry

Intraclass correlation coefficient; C. The standardization of the methodology is the fundamental parameter to control sources of mistakes, thus providing a reliable measurement.

The ICC allows us to evaluate to which extent the multiple measurements are in agreement. There were limitations due to the fact that the measurements were taken in a wax hand mold that was separate from the body, which differs from a human hand. Br J Hand Ther.

Each group evaluated the same plaster-strengthened wax hand mold Figure 1goniometrla this was evaluated by all the methods and by all the examiners.

Table 14 Comparison between the methods 1 goniometry2 Corel Draw photogrammetry3 ALCimagem photogrammetry in angle 3 flexion of the metacarpophalangeal of the fifth finger for group 2 physiotherapists. The analysis of the ICC values for interexaminer reliability in all the situations for each angle revealed that the angular measurements represent excellent, acceptable and good levels. Estudo da confiabilidade de um instrumento de goniometdia de flexibilidade em adultos e idosos.


Comparison between the groups 1 scholars2 physiotherapists and 3 hand therapists in angle 1 palmar abduction of the thumb for method 2 Corel Draw photogrammetry. The analysis of the general ICC values, i. All the examiners evaluated at different times from the others and were only asked to perform the measurement on the dorsum of the hand for standardization of the method, improving accuracy and minimizing the possibility of errors, since many examiners expressed uncertainty regarding the positioning of the goniometer on the hand.

This is true not only in surgical treatments, but also in the art of functionally rehabilitating this organ, which is so important in human relations.

As the hand is a structure geared essentially towards function, functional anatomy or kinesiology, or the study of movements, is a vital part of the training of professionals dedicated to the treatment of hand injuries. Please review our privacy policy. The second measurement was flexion of the proximal interphalangeal joint of the second finger, where the steps for alignment of the goniometer are: Table 11 Comparison between the methods 1 goniometry2 Corel Draw photogrammetry and 3 ALCimagem photogrammetry in angle 2 flexion of the proximal interphalangeal of goniometgia second finger for group 2 physiotherapists.

Lumbar lordosis and pelvic inclination of asymptomatic adults.

Manual de goniometria – Amélia Pasqual Marques – Google Books

As the measurements using method 3, i. Some studies found greater reliability in the evaluation carried out by photogrammetry than in the evaluation carried out through postural inspection. Angle 2 Method 1 Group 1 Mean Reliability and concurrent validity of two instruments for measuring cervical range of motion: Table 19 Comparison between the groups 1 scholars2 physiotherapists and 3 hand therapists in angle 2 flexion of the proximal interphalangeal of the second finger for method 1 goniometry.


Some studies opted for active ROMs, as they claim that these better represent function and are more reliable than passive movements; passive measurements are less reliable than active measurements, due to the variation of force applied by the therapist.

A cross-sectional study of self-reported back and neck pain among English schoolchildren and associated physical and psychological risk factors. Results of the intraexaminer reliability analysis for each angle. Two commonly cited sources for evaluating ROM values include the manual of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and the guide to goniometry of Norkin and White, 2 manal Gonionetria advantages of this method include low cost of the instrument and ease of measurement, which depends almost exclusively on the examiner’s prior experience.

Reliability of fleximetry and goniometry for assessing cervical range of motion among children

Reliability is related to the consistency with which the observations can be measured and recorded. Classification Group 1 0. In this study we analyzed the reproducibility and reliability of three range of motion evaluation methods: The means of the values based on goniometry and photogrammetry obtained through the application of the variance analysis ANOVA were used for these calculations.

Methods and results] Chir Main. The researcher photographed the wax hand mold positioned on top of a